Tuesday, October 27, 2009

An Example of Why Pray for the Gospel to (re)Appear at Mainline Churches

This is a portion of a letter that arrived at our church from one of our neighboring churches:

I'm writing to ask if you would mind announcing that (our) church is having its annual "Blessing of the Animals" service on _______.

The service includes a blessing for each animal and care-giver. There is also a "table of remembrance," so people are encouraged to bring along pictures of all the animals with whom they've shared their lives over the years.

Yours in Christ,

The following week, this service received front-page coverage in our local newspaper, with a picture of a dog sitting in the church pew with it's owner.

This letter is sad on many levels, not the least of which is that the closing of the letter affirms a common union with Christ. Yet I wonder if the Christ the author professes has been ushered to a 'back seat' in the church he leads.

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D J E and M Huber said...

Yah, weird. I've seen news reports of that kind of thing.

Frankly, I "bless" our cat every day by feeding her and changing her litter.

Which reminds me of a joke related to pet "theology."

The dog thinks "hey, this guy feeds me, pets me, and cleans up my messes, he must be God."

The cat thinks "hey, this guy feeds me, pets me, and cleans up my messes, I must be God."

If you somehow get a chance to preach at this illustrious event next year, I give you my permission to throw that joke into the mix. :)